Classical dance is the epitome of storytelling weaved with the beautiful rendition of music. From time immemorial, classical dancing has been used as a tool of narrating folklore, epics and sagas with the help of heart-winning and charming gestures and movements. A dancer is incomplete without the knowledge of classical dance.

Classical Dance is a beautiful symbol of our culture and showcases our traditions and values in most ethereal and aesthetic way. Learning classical dance is a journey in itself which requires passion and discipline. At our Academy, you can learn the following forms of classical dancing –



Kathak is one of the most popular form of not just dance but also of theatre art. The word “Kathak” has a special meaning and s derived from the word “katha” which means storytelling. It also has relation to the name “kathakas” given to a community of artists whose ancestral profession was to narrate history with a touch of entertainment. It has different forms and these forms are named after cities they were evolved in – Jaipur, Benaras and Lucknow. At our Academy, you will be formally trained in Kathak by renowned Gurus.



Bharatnatyam is a form of Indian Classical Dance which originated in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. The word “Bharatnatyam is a fusion of three concepts – Bhava, Raga and Thalia. It is used to narrate Hindu religious themes, spiritual ideas, epics and sagas. Mostly, it is performed solo by women. At our Academy, you will be trained in the beautiful art of Bharatnatyam by Gurus who have been performing in this discipline all their lives.

Our courses are customized into three parts for your convenience

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months