To learn to play a musical instrument is to imbibe the sound of music in your entire life. Musical instruments like piano and guitar are the soul of a musical journey. Knowing a musical instrument helps in becoming a maestro of the tunes and music. The climax of your passion for music lies in how well you can play a musical instrument.

Learning to play a musical instrument requires discipline, determination and a Guru who understands and values the art of creating music. We maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio for optimum learning process and ensure that every student has a customized learning plan. Only few can impart the valuable knowledge of music. At our Academy, we take pride in having some of the best teachers for the following instruments –



Keyboard and Piano are one of the most difficult musical instruments to be learnt. However, there are a lot of benefits associated with the learning of these musical instruments. They help in the development of cognitive abilities, concentration power and hand-eye coordination amongst their learners. Besides these benefits, keyboard & piano are also one of the most melodious and popular musical instruments of the world. They’re used extensively in western classical musical. At our Academy, you will be trained under an experienced and learned keyboard & piano player.



Guitar is one the most sought-after musical instrument. From being an important part of western classical music to slowly making its way into popular Hindi songs, guitar has made its way into the hearts of people. Learning Guitar is a matter of passion and perseverance. We try to inculcate a discipline so that you learn the various notes of guitars with ease and perfection. Every learner requires a teacher who understand their devotion to the art. At our Academy, you will find experienced and dedicated teachers who can help you grow.



The fascination with drums begins at a very young age. When you see a band perform on the stage, it is the drummer who keeps the momentum and energy up. However, playing drums is not as simple as it looks like on stage. To learn the art of playing drums, one must be dedicated and committed towards achieving this offbeat dream. People from all age groups show interest in learning this art of playing drums. With the teachers at our Academy, you can realize your lifelong dream of playing drums like a rock star.



Learning Violin is a dream for many people. It is considered the most melodious yet most difficult musical instrument to learn. However, a right teacher and personalized, friendly approach can help you master the art of playing a violin. An integral part of many classical renditions and contemporary classics, violin is an instrument which is known for its versatility. At our Academy, we believe that art cannot be taught with a strict schedule. An instrument like violin can only be learned as a personal journey. We ensure that you have that.



A flute is one of the first musical instruments a child picks up – it is a part of bands, classical songs and modern duets. We employ the best methodology to teach you or your ward the art of playing the flute. The teachers at our academy use unique techniques, multiple theories and teach the correct embouchure, i.e., the technique of moving mouth muscles. With our innovative techniques of teaching, you can learn the art of playing flute easily.



The magic of Tabla was first introduced by legends like Zakir Hussain. Thanks to their legacy, Tabla has gained immense popularity amongst music lovers in both India and abroad. Tabla consists of a set of two instruments – a bigger and a smaller table called “dayan”. Learning these instruments require practice and discipline. At our Academy, you will be taught by maestros of Tabla so that you can hone your skills to your full potential.



Harmonium has a great significance in Indian Classical and religious music. The first step of a musical journey begins with Harmonium. Such is the sanctity of this musical instrument that it is considered sacred by many. With teachers at our academy, you can begin your journey of learning Harmonium with ease and reach the heights of perfection.

Our courses are customized into three parts for your convenience

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months