Music is the soul of life and vocals bring meaning to the magical tunes construed by this world. Singing is an art and a gift of God. It has been a source of guidance for the lost. It has been a form of worship and it is also the most beautiful way of expressing oneself.

Perfecting the art of singing is a lifelong commitment - polished vocals can infuse life into the tunes of music. We, at 7 Octaves Academy of Music, believe that a strong foundation helps in achieving one’s potential. Our courses can help you learn the discipline of vocals in the following genres -



When you create a fusion of contemporary melodies with the beautiful notes, deep sophistication of classical music, a new form of vocals is created. It is called light classical music. Ghazals and Qawallis are an apt example of how beautiful light classical music is. Even the commonly popular “Bollywood” melodies are also a part of the light classical genre. At our academy, we provide the right training and resources to teach aspiring musicians the art of light classical music.



Classical Singing is the soul and symphony of the art of Music. Every genre of singing originates through it and Indian classical music has taken the sound of India worldwide. The basis of singing starts with sargam; the pinnacle is reached with a thumri. From centuries, people travel across oceans to learn the enchanting art of Indian classical music.
At our Academy, we try to keep this flame burning by teaching Indian classical music to aspiring singers. Our faculty is well-renowned and masters of this art.



The heartwarming symphony of vocals, the glass-shattering rendition of operas - western classical music has been the voice of melodies from time immemorial. The beauty of western classical music is vested in timeless melodies created by the legends around the world. Modern singing is incomplete without a formal training in the art of western music.
At our Academy, we provide the best faculty and inspiration for aspiring singers to train their vocals for westren music.

Our courses are customized into three parts for your convenience

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months