When the rhythm of your step matches the music of your life, a dancer is born. Western Dancing is the art of expressing oneself with abandonment, free spirit and captivating moves To achieve this level of finesse and to master the details and nuisances, one must learn the art of western dancing under the guidance and careful watch of a learned teacher.

Western Dance is a visual treat choreographed with perfection and years of patient practice. Learning western dancing at its best is possible only with a seasoned professional who understands the basics. At our Academy, you will be able to learn the following forms of western dancing –



Free style of dancing is all about expressing yourself without any inhibitions. It is about creating your persona and depicting it with your moves and rhythm. At our Academy, you will be encouraged and guided towards finding your own personal style, moves and swag with the help of our teachers. With their guidance, you will learn to express yourself freely to a wide variety of music.



A form of fun dance which is performed with funky beats is what jazz is all about. It is a fusion of traditional moves with modern sensibilities. Fast-paced music, innovative moves and a rhythmic body is all you need to learn Jazz dancing. And, to infuse the disciple of a professional, our Academy has the best teachers in town.



The charisma of Salsa and its beautiful move sin well-known. It is a partner dance and is dependent upon the coordination, synchronization and chemistry of the two people involved. However, it is also practiced Solo. At our Academy, you can learn the beautiful art of Salsa Dancing with the help of teachers who know what it takes to recreate this beautiful form.



Hip Hop Dancing is the most famous form of street style dancing. It was born out of an important movement and it encourages you to tell your story through the powerful act of dance. There’re many types of dance moves involved like locking-popping, break dance etc which primarily originated in USA. At our academy, you will be able to learn this form under the best dance teachers of the city.

Our courses are customized into three parts for your convenience

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months