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Greetings from 7 Octaves Academy of Music.

We’re a passionate team of young and energetic music industry professionals who have 10+ years of proven experience in coaching and mentoring the students. We have also been successful at establishing 20+ music schools and thus, have the in-depth knowledge of their working.


Music Industry has always been an important part of our culture. However, with changing times, people are getting more platforms to showcase their talent and pursue music as a full-fledged career. Young students are now encouraged to pursue co-curricular activities by their parent and music is a top choice. As a result, the demand for a professional and dedicated music school is increasing day by day. There’re very less music schools available that have the right infrastructure and a professional approach. The present scenario makes music school a lucrative business option and can grow further in future.


Just like in any other business, establishing a music school requires a dependable business strategy. There are various factors that have to be kept in mind –

  • Raising Start-up Capital
  • Attracting Clients
  • Generating Profits.
  • Business Operations
  • Strategy and Planning

Our team consists of experienced and expert team players who can help you in mapping your entire business – from the right location, to selecting resources, formulating marketing plans and strategies and implementing them for goal achievement. Our team is dedicated and has years of experience in this field.


You can be a part of 7 Octaves family if

  • If you believe in the power of teaching and learning
  • If you love music passionately
  • If you want to own a cost-effective and profit-making business

We are waiting for you to join hands and collaborate with us on this musical journey.

We will be assisting you from the first step.

Yet, rest assured, your freedom and flexibility will never be compromised.

Even after the initial phase, we will always be available for feedback and support.

Let’s come together and bring a musical revolution.